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Have you had frustrations with Interfaces? Try Amplify instead

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Interfaces is a cool new Airtable feature! But, you’ve probably run into some limitations like adding new records or setting internal permissions. It might be time to try the On2Air Amplify app in the marketplace.

"This is what INTERFACES should have been." - Chris

Amplify is a record dashboard app that lets you customize how you view records, linked records, linked tables, and more. You can:

  • Create new records or linked records from the dashboard

  • Set Permissions for records and layouts. You can choose to allow or disallow a specific role type or a specific user to create, clone, edit, or delete records.
    (please note, a user can still view the data in the underlying base. This is meant to help a user focus on data specific to their needs.)

  • Create Default Values for any field automatically. Add your default values in the settings, then each time you create a new record, it’s automatically pre-filled with your field data

  • You can detect Duplicates in your fields!

  • Edit and view any Google Doc, Google Sheet, or Google Slide directly inside Airtable

  • Export a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide file into an Attachment field in your base

  • Turn a text field into a full HTML version with a WYSIWYG editor

  • Annotate PDFs for easier collaboration on files

  • Use the Advanced Search with your own custom search filters and search displays

Read all the updates here

Here’s a full list of Amplify features and a comparison between Interfaces and Amplify

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