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4 - Data Explorer

Is anyone here a partner with Airtable? If so, what are the conditions for this and what do they pay the most attention to?

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Can you clarify what you mean by “partner”? Do you mean a consultant that is listed in their directory?

If you are looking to be added to the directory, I think the questions on their form give you an idea of what is important to Airtable. Currently the questions are geared mostly towards size, location, and potential revenue, and there are no questions about Airtable-specific technical abilities. (I do mot consider asking for the number of projects worked on as a measure of technical ability as there is no standard for what counts as a project. Asking for the number of technical people on the team also does not indicate the technical abilities of those people.)

That's exactly what I meant. Thank you for your reply! I hope there will be an opportunity to join this list)