How to build a data curation SaaS using Airtable and SaaSBox

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4 - Data Explorer


An interesting use case for Airtable can be curating data for others and selling access to it. Curating data can save time for someone, and it might be valuable if the data serves a business goal such as lead generation.

There are untapped niches in every kind of data that are still good ideas to pursue, if you make it focused on a specific audience.

Airtable makes it very easy to curate and update such data with bases and views.

An example to the above is this one, built with Airtable, and made specifically for agencies to find new clients. We’re not affiliated but found this to be a great example to the thesis.

If you don’t have coding skills or access to developers, we’ve added a nocode embed capability to our tool SaaSBox, to launch such a curated data service as the above.

Airtable does have some limitations for protecting data through a paywall, such that when you share an Airtable base, all the data in it are accessible.

We solved this problem by creating views with different filters on both the rows and columns, and generating different embeds for each.

This way, you can serve different levels of access to the data under different paid plans.

For completeness, in addition to Airtable, the only other thing you need to launch this as a SaaS is SaaSBox that handles everything else such as landing pages, plans, payments (via Stripe) and logging in users, and the user dashboard where you share the Airtable embed.


We’ve shared the entire tutorial here.

Enjoy and let us know any questions here or at team at saasbox net!

Team SaaSBox

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