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Hi there,

Probably many of you experience this situation when after getting good grasp of Airtable, you end up using it progressively for ... everything.  Even when people tell you there are better tools, you should use instead.


There is a great React project Remotion, which I wanted to try for a while. At the same time I also wanted to generate some shorts for my YT channel.  To little surprise, I ended up using Airtable as a backend.  

What it does

I ended up with a tool that creates video out of template + content defined inside Airtable. Here is example of video:

How it works

Here is a demo base I used for above:
Each row in Airtable is converted into a video layer with start, duration, media (image, video, audio), text and animation&styling.

To render it as a video at the moment (this is still WIP) you need to start the project on your local machine, connect your Airtable with PAT token and render locally on your PC.

The code is available on GitHub Rewind Table   with more instructions how to start it. My code is MIT (but do note that Remotion, free for smaller teams, has license for commercial uses) .

You can also play around with the page below - it will render the video in an online Player.

Final notes
While this project could be used without coding experience, the local set up might get tricky. I am looking if I can get it to completely run in the cloud. 

The styling is done using ... Tailwind CSS  while this is simplest way to do things in CSS, it is still CSS. Here is a Playground that allows to experiment with styling.

Animations - there are a few animations predefined in the sample base. They can be copied and customized and composed together. They are implementation of this well documented library Remotion Animated.



If anyone tries above out and runs into some issues, let me know!

Also if you know a proper commercial tool that could make vids out of Airtable content, let me know  🤣


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