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I’m testing out making a few of my scripts available on my Gumroad Store. These scripts currently have a “Pay What You Want” pricing model, so you can get them for free if you like.

  • Duplicate Record including Linked Records: Duplicate records, including making duplicates of linked records. The “Pay What You Want” version is minified code (not human editable), but the full editable version is available for a premium. Here are links to the script and video demo.

  • Email automation helper scripts: These are small scripts to be used with email automations that follow a “Find records” action. One script helps you send an email to a different email address if there are no records. The other script calculates a sum for a field value in the found records. Both small scripts are fully editable and commented to help both no-coders and the code-curious understand the code. Here are links to the script and video demo

Happy Coding!

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Nice, been looking into Gumroad lately: seems like an objectively superior alternative to submitting moderately complex scripts to Airtable itself.

And I take this to mean you’re not planning on publishing another script through Airtable anytime soon? :grinning_face_with_sweat: Are there even any direct benefits to doing that, apart from the notoriety?

The main advantage in publishing through Airtable is the ease of installation for the end user.

Publishing on Gumroad is much simpler because your code does not need to go through the review and approval process, Making updates to the code or supporting materials (description, name, pictures, etc) is also much easier because it isn’t gated.

I also find that it has some benefits versus posting a script on the community forums. Forum threads get buried, and some threads have disappeared completely.

On the other hand, with publishing on Gumroad, you have to do your own marketing, which I do not find as fun as writing code.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Super cool! Thank you for sharing!!

I added a couple more scripts to my script store. These scripts have two price points: a lower price for a non-editable minified script, and a higher price that includes the fully editable, human-readable script.

  • Link to a random record. This is actually two scripts: one to use from a button field and another that can be run as an automation. Here are links to the script and video demo.

  • Select checkbox for only one record. This automation script ensures that only the triggering record has a checkbox field selected–it clears the checkbox for all other records in the table. Here are links to the script and video demo.

My latest app was released on the marketplace.

I now have the six apps in the marketplace:

I also have plans for adding a companion automation script to go with the Email Table app to my script store.

I added a pair of scripts for same-table backlinks to my script store. One is a button script to create backlinks for existing records. The other is an automation script for maintaining links going forward. These minified scripts are non-editable and require no coding knowledge.

Here are links to the script and video demo.

2021-11-10 sameTableBacklinks