Making a record look **sexy**

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Apologies if this has been posted before but I need to generate a ‘sexy’ appearance for my meeting details.

The table layout is too much detail and spread too widely, the Calendar is fine for previewing dates, but the expanded (extended?) view you get is too Duplo - fields are too tall, so lots of scrolling for detail. Setting up a Form or a Kanban View has the same problem - the Form view is back to Duplo style, and the Kanban involves too much scrolling. I just want:

  • Title
  • Venue picture
  • Venue location
  • Date (and, ideally duration - ie start and finish times)
  • URLs for Web Facebook and Twitter links
  • Contact details
  • Other details like cost and timings

-All set out closely -but legibly- together like an address label or a ‘for sale’ block in a newspaper. No editing options required - this would be display only, driven by entries from other views.

This is just to set out a catalogue of what’s on offer, and allow folks to sign up if they’re interested. Has anyone achieved a ‘store’ layout like this? Any tips please?

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To be honest… I think your gallery view link looks quite nice! Sure… not exactly ‘Sexy’ but if you embed the HTML share in a webpage, it could work pretty well.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 9.50.23 AM.png

Anyhoo, I was also going to suggest a ‘URL’ field for the links so that you could just click and go without opening the record, but oddly enough they don’t. (FAIL by Airtable IMHO.)

As far as reading out data, there are TONS of resources on how to use your airtable as a traditional DB and have UI/HTML pages just read from it. I’m not trained in that, but here’s a link that I’ve read a few times and passed on to some of my company’s internal developers to use.

Thanks - I’ll have a look into that link, though it’s one of those where I recognise all of the words… but not necessarily the order they come in… (I’m not trained either!)

More work necessary I guess; still like someone says: ‘done is better than perfect’ - I’ll get this out there and see what reaction I get.

Thanks for your comments. :slightly_smiling_face: