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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, Airtable community! I'm developing a custom solution for a small gynecology clinic in Barcelona but I don't understand very well Airtable's pricing. Hope you can help me out!

  1. In terms of users and permissions, I’ll need 5 editors and 6 commenters. I think it is covered in the free plan but If I want to upgrade to the plus plan to benefit from more records per table, how much I’ll need to pay?
  2. Let’s say I have a module called Patients where I have records about their personal info, visits, clinical history, etc. I’d like that user called receptionists to be able to record and modify patients' info but not able to change/modify module configuration. In that case, which plan I’ll need?

Any help will be appreciated!

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Once you leave the free plan, all seats above read-only are paid seats. This includes commenters. In your case, you would need 11 paid seats. The Plus plan will cost US$110 per month if you pay annually (so, one payment of US$1,320). If you want to pay monthly, it will be US$132 per month, for an annual cost of US$1,584.

Regarding the part about Patient Information, I would recommend that you investigate what requirements there are in Spain for securing electronic medical records. In the US, anyone creating databases that use personal health information are required to use platforms that are compliant with a federal law called HIPAA. Airtable is not HIPAA-compliant - it cannot be used in the US for data like you're trying to use it for. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't use it in Spain! But it is definitely something that you should check before starting.

As far as changing the module configuration, I'm not quite sure what you mean. Can you clarify?