πŸš€ Product Launch - AIRinsights: AI GPT that gets insights from Airtable

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello, Airtable community!

I'm excited to share a project we've been nurturing at Boltflow: AIRinsights. It's our humble attempt to enrich how we all interact with our Airtable databases by enabling quicker, smarter access to insights.

About AIRinsights
We understand the value of data in our daily decisions and operations. With AIRinsights, we aim to simplify accessing and analyzing Airtable data, offering a way to get immediate, actionable insights from your queries, without the need to even access Airtable.

Questions like:

  • "Which products sold the best last quarter?"
  • "Access Marketing Base and Finances Base and calculate which campaign holds the highest ROI this year."
  • "What tasks are most overdue, including details on ownership and deadlines?"

...can now be answered swiftly, as if you had an analytics manager by your side.

Beta Opportunity
We're introducing AIRinsights in Beta and warmly invite this knowledgeable community to be among the first to explore its capabilities.

Interested? Please join the waitlist here:

Your feedback would be invaluable to refine and improve AIRinsights, truly making it a tool by and for Airtable enthusiasts.

Looking forward to growing together with AIRinsights πŸš€

Founder @Boltflow
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