Sending Calendar Entries using Integromat

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I was asked recently by a client if it was possible to send people who’d booked onto an event a Calendar entry (so they don’t forget) in response to their booking.

In the blog post linked below, I show how you can do this with Integromat:

Send a Calendar Entry to confirm a booking

There are ways to link Airtable calendars with other calendars - some covered in here - but this deals with sending a calendar entry to an outside person booking onto an event (of course the process could apply to any date/time based records).

I hope people find this useful - feel free to comment on the post I you wish.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I wonder if this could be used for vCard files…

I’m pretty certain the answer is yes - vCard is a text file as well. Maybe I’ll do another blog post about this.

What would your use case be and who would the vCard be sent to?

Well, the workflow of the use case may need a bit of touch up, but essentially it would be creating a vCard for every new customer that is put into Airtable. The sales rep can either 1. Receive an email with the perfectly filled out vCard, or 2. Have the vCard uploaded into the attachment field. — this way the sales rep can save the contact to their phone with all the information perfectly filled out. — yes they can do it manually, but that would be another point of double-entry, which is another opportunity for human mistakes

I’ve just published an article on Online Database Expert about sending VCard files from a database using Integromat:

Hopefully this will answer your questions…