Sneak peek at the new On2Air Forms for Airtable

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We’re about to launch a brand new version of On2Air Forms made specifically to work with your Airtable data.

:star2: Available in just a few weeks!

(If you’ve ever used our previous Forms version, the new one will be easier to use and does not require Jotform)

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Form Features:

  • Create new Airtable records with a form
  • Update Airtable records from a form
  • Create new select field options
  • Create new linked records
  • Display images, text, and other data from your Airtable base
  • Prefill the fields with default information per form user
  • Display secondary fields based on answers to a primary field (Car Make > Model)
  • Automatically hide or show questions to users based on previous answers using conditional field logic
  • Insert a form value previously entered by the user into another location in your form
  • Generate personalized forms based on user data

Want to see a certain feature in Forms?

You can vote or upvote a feature request - Request a Feature

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