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Try A New Alternative to the Page Designer App

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Keep reading if you're frustrated with the official Page Designer app.


Airtable users all over the Internet have long-standing frustrations:

  • Clunky editor
  • Linking to connected records is messy
  • No ability to do multiple pages and easy export

Instead of copy pasting information into Google Docs or Word, here's an option that's user-friendly, and saves you time by having everything in one place:

I'm working on a new alternative page designer app for Airtable. It's called AirPages.

Some features I have planned:

  • Print multi-page records
  • Export the PDF to a record
  • Better support for linked records
  • Automation: print documents on a trigger

If you'd like to become an early adopter, and get a 25% lifetime discount, let's have a brief video chat.

Schedule a call here.

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