Using Airtable with Safari on iPad 13.x.x

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

If you are like me and want to use your iPad with Airtable (not the almost useless app but the web interface) this si what I have discovered;

  • BLOCKS are working and you can even print from page designer block!
  • The Send Grid Block works!
  • Print view is not working, you get a blank document… too bad but as Airtable constantly remember us “you can create you own print layouts with page designer block”…
  • The Icon of “open in the Airtable app” will come and go on the top of your page even when you have requested Desktop site from setting. (Safari settings)
  • Views under tables are not always scrolling properly but you can bypass this limitation by typing the name of the view you are looking to display. (I use this “shortcut” quiet often on my Mac)
  • Same with side scrolling… you just have to open the record you want to see (too bad if you wanted to see more than one record or a full set with SUM or AVG calculus) you can move on the right or left by clicking the edge of the screen making the field cursor (the blue square) jumping to the next column… slow but it works. You can use the same trick to scroll down until you will accidentally create a new record…

I was looking for an app for a virtual printer and could not find it… Until I realised that when in preview printing mode on the iPad you have to pinch with 2 fingers to get the PDF to open in a new window where you can email or store it on the cloud or your iPad.

So apparently you can do everything as if you were sitting behind your laptop (iOS iPad 13 was designed for that) with the exceptions or limitations mentioned above.

Would it replace a laptop for intensive use with an iPad? Nope, I would use it only occasionally when I’m too lazy to get the Mac or when I’m out of home/office for a short time/trip. You’ll probably have to combine desktop mode on iPad along with the Airtable iOS app if you want to be fast.

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That’s good to know. I was trying to use Safari with iPad/iOS 12.x just the other day and it was frustrating. Upgrading now.