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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am a consultant working in pro sports and am keen to understand more about Airtable.
My data/information services can possibly delivered via Airtable, where I am currently using Google Sheets and PDFs currently. Each client would require their own environment (workspace) and I would be refreshing their data daily/weekly (which is another question I will need answering).
I have read plenty on here and watched YouTube videos, but I would really like to understand the more about the client UX for when Bases are shared externally, via links. Ideally, my clients will be ‘read only’, for the Bases, and I would be keen to see an example of their User Experience - can someone send me a link or provide a video that would present this?
Furthermore, would they be able to manipulate the Kanbans, or would that require a different level of access?
Thanks for your help.

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