Zapier & Integromat apps, table and Twitter block improvements, and more

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hey Everyone,

We have a lot of exciting updates on Softr we’d like to share with you. See below :point_down:

:robot: Zapier & Integromat Apps
Softr is now officially available to use on both Zapier and Integromat, unlocking an infinite amount of possibilities with your Softr application.

Check out our Zapier and Integromat use cases for more details.

:bird: Dynamic Twitter List Block
We’ve upgraded our Twitter block to allow you to display a collection of tweets via your Airtable base. You can also add categories or tags in a separate column, so that users are able to filter the list.

:construction_worker_man: Table Block Improvements
The table block is getting better with new customization options. You can now adjust the row height and column width. More improvements coming soon!

:bell: In-App What’s New? Updates
We want to make sure that our users don’t miss any important update. So, starting in January you will notice a new popup on your dashboard when new improvements, updates or announcements have been published.

Community Updates

:100: Days of No-Code 2022
The next 100DaysOfNoCode Bootcamp is starting on jan 24, 2022. You can learn to no-code, validate your ideas and build your MVP all in 30 days. Spaces are limited, so apply now to confirm your place on the program: No-Code MVP Bootcamp

:video_camera: New Tutorial Videos
Jasper at Nomo Codes Studio is back at it again and continuing to produce some fantastic new Softr tutorial videos for the community. Here are the latest videos:

More details on each update can be found in our newsletter .

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