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Hi there, I have a multi-condition if formula: IF(OR({playerFirstName}=“thomas”,{playerLastName}=“thomas”,{playerTeamsPlayedFor}=“thomas”),1,0) The data says “Thomas” not “thomas” so unfortunately the above returns nothing. If I change the values to ...
Hi there, Is it possible to return records through the API in a certain order and omit a specified number? For example, I want to return 10 players sorted by the their points tally (high - low) but I don’t want the top / first 10? (I just want player...
Hi there, Is it possible to do a rollup field where you only add the values based on a certain criteria? Please see the graphic below which I think illustrates what I’m trying to achieve vs. what I’m currently getting with a SUM(values) rollup field....
Hi there, I’m a pretty novice developer so would appreciate any help here… I am making API calls using AJAX and get URLs. I use this helpful tool a lot to help me write the URLs:
Hi there, Is it possible to do this? Screenshots below. Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 (where the points are dynamically pulled form two other tables into the same column in another table) The issue I run into is that you can only link to one table per c...