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Does anyone have any tips for creating multi-line tooltips in Custom Apps? My tool tip is a long sentence and it doesn’t appear at all if the window is too small. I’m trying to add new line characters and also tried the following which isn’t doing th...
I’ve built a custom app which has functionality to both use it in the sidebar or have it triggered when you press a button field. I’d like to force the app to reload any time the useRecordActionData hook detects a change. How would I go about pinning...
I’d like to have read-only and commenter users able to edit data using the scripting app. Is this possible? It seems the permissions within the scripting app are tied to the user’s permissions, but are there any APIs to have the scripting block act a...
Hi folks! I have an API I’d like to interact with in the Scripting block which requires AWS V4 signing in the headers. There are a dozen ways to do this very easily using npm libraries but I’m wondering if anyone has some guidance or resources on how...
Is it possible to end a script early? It seems like the process.exit() function isn’t available. I’d like to show an error message and exit if the input meets certain criteria.