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I am attempting to filter my call list based on how many concurrent Voicemails I receive from a prospect - these are contained in a Rollup field called 'Call Result' - I've created a new formula field as follows: IF(FIND("Voicemail, Voicemail, Voicem...
I am attempting to sort my leads by how many concurrent Voicemails I've gotten for a prospect (so if someone gets 6 Voicemails in a row they are a lower score than someone that's only gotten 3). I have a Lookup field called 'Call Results' which displ...
I am attempting to fine tune by lead scoring in my Airtable CRM by sorting my Contacts by the amount of consecutive 'Voicemail' values in my 'Call Result' rollup field in Contact (which is a rollup from my Touch Points' table Call Result single selec...
Hi,The following code crashes and I don't know why: let table = base.getTable("Touchpoints"); let cTable = base.getTable("Contact"); let record = await input.recordAsync('Select a record to use', table); let callBack = await input.textAsync('Wha...
I am receiving a cryptic error when attempting to create a record using the code below:// Change this name to use a different table let table = base.getTable("Touchpoints"); //let ctable = base.getTable("Contact"); // Prompt the user to pick a recor...