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I'm trying to automatically populate emails depending on team member names.So if "John Smith" then in this column "" ""And if "Kate Jones" then "" ""etcetcetcfor about 30 team members. I can get the first formu...
Hi everyone, I need to have a “Filter” column that is pulling date values from 3-4 different columns and selecting the one that is the most recent. So if we have 3/10/2021, 3/10/2022 and 3/10/2023, the date that populates the “Filter” column is 3/10/...
Hey everyone! How do I create the statement to leave cell blank if a value is missing instead of #ERROR? I’ve read you should not use the BLANK() code? Code for Days Left: WORKDAY_DIFF(TODAY(),Starts) Code for Urgency: IF( {Days Left} < 0, "OVE...