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I have a project and a task table. The tasks are all connected to projects. I'd like to connect the tasks together so when I need to delay (or move up) a project I can move all the tasks together. I thought when they came out with dependencies, that ...
Hi,I'm trying to write a formula that creates links for all the records of a particular table. CONCATENATE("", RECORD_ID()) This is creating a broken link. Am I missing somethi...
Hi everyone,I'm having trouble with this formula. Can you tell me what I'm missing?It comes up blank.Thank you!SWITCH({Recurring Frequency},"daily", DATEADD({Date to work on it}, 1,'days'),"weekly", DATEADD({Date to work on it}, 1,'weeks'),"monthly",...
I have a "date paid" date field that I've realized I could automate better by transitioning it to a checkmark (paid?) and a last modified date field. But when I do that I lose all the paid dates paid (which impacts other calculations throughout my ta...
How do I revise this formula so that it gives me both the week # and the range of days in that week? DATETIME_FORMAT({Date to work on it},‘ww’) Also, is there a week to do a week number that doesn’t start over at the beginning of the year? All I real...