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The documentation page for RecordQueryResult says “…filtered to a useful subset of the records in the table.” I see that it’s possible to sort and specify which fields are returned but I can’t figure out how to actually filter on selectRecordsAsync. ...
I hesitate to make suggestions here, because of how even the most popular and basic requests have yet to be implemented, but I will anyway. I would like to be able to execute an HTTP request against values in other fields. This is possible in Excel a...
(This is a copy of my question on Stackoverflow. It’s not getting any attention there so I decided to bring it here.) First, let me start with what I want to achieve. I want to query a table in Airtable that includes data from a linked table. Airtabl...
The Github site for Airtable.js lacks too much information for beginners. The README explains almost nothing. However, I did look at the test.html file and was able to make a very basic test of my own. But, other than looking at test.html, how do you...
We’re planning a competition. I’ll have Attendees and Teams. Teams are made up of Attendees (two or four members per team). I want two columns on the Teams table: (1) a count of the number of checked-in members of that team and (2) a total count of m...