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I’m trying to create a formula where if two records are true it prints an answer. Here’s my formula: IF(AND({Role}= “Free”),{# Plans} => 5),“Cannot Add Plans”). I want it to show Cannot Add Plans if the Role = Free and the # of Plans => 5. It’s no...
I love Airtable’s ability to create views and then sorting, filtering, and grouping to see things like average, median, range, etc. I am using Airtable for a pricing database across multiple vendors (basically, see how much vendors are charging othe...
Looking for help creating a formula that can determine how good a certain price is compared to an average price calculated in Airtable. For example, let’s say the average price of something in a record is $100. If my price is within 5% (+/-) of $10...
I have a Rollup field that takes a series of decimal percentages from another table (e.g .68%, .72%, and .55%) and then calculates the average (.65%). I have the formatting of this field as Percentage and precision of 1.00. Unfortunately, when Ai...
I found the following formula I am using to format currency. I want to round up or down and get rid of the decimals . Any ideas on how to modify the formula to do that? Thanks! IF( LEFT({NumberValue}&’’,1,1)=’-’, ‘-’, ‘’)&’$’& IF( ABS(VALUE({Numbe...
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