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Hi, I have a base I use to request rooms. Is there a formula I can write to let me know if there is overlap in a request? For example: 1/10/2022: I have a request for 4 large conference rooms for Group 1 from 10-12 1/10/2022: I have a request for 3 m...
Hi, I have a rollup field (called “Lessons Included”) that won’t work in the following formula: IF(AND(FIND(“Math”, {Lessons Included}), {Submit Date}=BLANK()), “Math Pending”, IF({Submit Date} = BLANK(), “Math Not Included”, DATETIME_DIFF( {Material...
Hi, I have a conditional rollup where I am doing an Arrayunique of events that occurred in a specific Academic Year. If the array is empty (meaning, the event was not scheduled in said year), then I want the rollup field to say “Not Scheduled”. Is th...
Hi, Using the following script from this post, I created a field that combines a URL and text: let tb = base.getTable(“URL Test”); let query = await tb.selectRecordsAsync(); for (let record of query.records) { let url = record.getCellValue(“URL”); le...
It would be great if I could search/filter/sort/group based on comments. Is that an option that I’m just not aware of how to use?