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I have some projects where I routinely (once a week or so) have to make a survey that fills out an fields in Airtable.  The surveys are mostly open-ended, so there are lots of long text fields.I share these externally by, currently, simply creating a...
What would be the most practical way to incorporate multiple tables worth of calendars into one?  In an interface, to be specific.I have three tables worth of data I'd like to mix together in a single calendar.  I suppose I could have them all in one...
I've got a table in one of my bases where I keep a list of what we charge customers for items.  We're a services company, so nothing is set in stone, but we use this table for a guideline (and the prices rarely change much, if ever).I haven't updated...
I have a table of events that all have a start and end time/date.  The start field is "Start Datetime"For example, I have event that has a start datetime of 1/1/2019 at 11:00am.  All in a date field.  1/1/2019 specificially we use as a generic fallba...
I’m trying to figure out the best way to send single send sorts of emails to people in my database.I’ve tried using the built in segmentation tools of typical mailing list software, but my needs are much more variable and ultimately at the end of the...