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I have a date time field being sync’d from another base and I need to reformat that MM-DD-YYYY HH:MM into a true date time format from the string it comes in as, as a sync’d field. Any ideas?
I am running an automation to create a new record when another record enters a view. The new record a date formula field and use that as the date for the new record. The data test runs fine and the automation runs, but the data field never gets fille...
I have a base that contains two tables. Table 1 Meeting Schedule - Table 2 Meeting Type - Meeting schedule allows me to select a meeting type and assign it a date and populate the purpose, outcome, previous notes and attendees. I now want to use the ...
I can not figure out why this is not working for me. I get the previous & future but anything for today comes up as Future. IF({Meeting Date Calc}=Today(), “Today”, IF({Meeting Date Calc}>Today(), “Future”, IF({Meeting Date Calc}<Today(), “Previous”)...
Hey Guys: Is there a way to take the result of a rollup that is comma separated and then convert it to a bulleted list in another field?