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In a long text field is there a way to create a global entry text for some headings so that whenever I want to enter new content i don't have to enter the headings as well?  For example, the headings I use are:VOA ITZAVOA Total sqftML ITZAML Total sq...
The field entries are £20.49 and £13.66 (both fields set to 2 decimal places) but in a third field when I use CONCATENATE this is what I get:Summary: Headline £15000 pa Actual £9975 pa £20.491666666666667 £13.661111111111111How do I get £20.49 and £1...
Scenario:CONCATENATE(Town, "-", Address, "-", {No / unit})displays for example Town-Address-100Question:: I would like the display to appear as Towm Address 100.  How do I enter a blank space between the field items rather than a -  ?tia  
Before the forum goes down temporarily I’d apprecate please help for how to use OR in a formula field. Example: three fields: Number 1 Number 2 Total I want to enter a decimal number is Number 1 or Number 2 (but not both) and have the result displaye...
I have three fields, two are field type Number, one is Formula. The objective is the sum of the numbers in the result field. (1() enter W, (2) enter D, (3) result (W*D) In fields (1) and (2) I have selected ‘allow negative numbers’ Each row has for f...