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My question is essentially summed up in the title. If I have a python code saved down on my computer (or G-Drive), can I make an automation in Airtable that will run the python code? I would be using the Python Code because it already does what I nee...
Hello All, Essentially, is there a way to set the column widths in a view other than clicking and dragging each separate one? I have to change the width of something like 10 fields across 50 views, and I’d rather not have to click and drag 500 fields...
Hello! I’m trying to edit a script that I already have. To do so, I need to be able to get values from a Link to Another Record. The linked record is on a different table. I’ve been using .getCellValue() for most cases, but it doesn’t seem to be help...
Hi! I’m trying to make an automation that will notify me when an entered record shares a field with other entries within a certain time. Essentially, we track issue tags and want to know if there have been 3 issue tags in the same state within a two ...