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I just tried out automating sending some emails with Airtable. Is there a way to remove the Airtable branding? The „via Airtable“ in the from field, as well as the „Sent via Automations on Airtable“ at the bottom? Thanks!
Hi, I have a dozen entries that are marked as duplicates by the fuzzy matching of the dedupe block. Each time I use the dedupe block, I have to skip over those. It would be tremendously helpful to mark those as false-positive and have those matches n...
Hi everyone, I’d like users to submit entries via an Airtable Form and confirm their email. With Zapier, I can react to a new entry and send a confirmation email. Easy. But how do I close the loop? What kind of link could the user click on, that woul...
Hi there, I’m seeing a behavior I don’t know how to handle with a Zap. My Zap is parsing data coming from an RSS feed and adding it to an Airtable base. Sometimes there are missing information and the parser cannot find everything. Although the missi...
Hi Airtable Fans, what I am going to ask will sound crazy, but bare with me :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Sofar, Airtable has been a fantastic ace in my sleeve to build prototype and MVP (minimum viable product) applications faster than any of my c...