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Three related feature requests:Custom record colors instead of having to choose from the predefined onesSet custom record color via scriptSet custom record color from column value
What is the proposed idea/solution?Duplicate multiple rows at a time. Just like the right-click option for a single row:How does is solve the user problems?Compared to duplicating each row individually, selecting multiple rows and then duplicating th...
I need unique lookup values. This can only be done using a rollup field, which removes formatting. I need unique values but retained formatting.Lookup field: Contains duplicatesRollup field: No formattingWhat I need: Lookup field w/ duplicates remove...
What is the proposed idea/solution?An option to filter by number of values in a multiple-select or linked record field.How does this solve the user problems?Easily locate records associated with multiple other records. In my specific situation, a col...
What is the proposed idea/solution?Allow tabs ('\t') and newlines ('\n') in the prompt argument to input.textAsync.How does is solve the user problems?Multiline prompts would make longer prompts more readable. The following is, quite frankly, a mess:...