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How about creating a new field type ("Formula Script" or such), where Script (or at least some subscript) can be used for a field formula?  Or optionally allow Script in Formula field?
Is there still no way to create reusable code in Automations?I see this thread from 2021, with 6k+ views, which seems to have no resolution (blockchaining is possible in Scripting Apps, but not Automations).  Someone must have solutions for this?  Co...
What is the proposed idea/solution?Enable the ability to drag a linked record from one linked record field to another.  How does is solve the user problems?This is particularly helpful in workflow use cases where you want to move one or more records ...
Problem: Sorting a select field puts blanks at the top.  Often, we want blanks to sort at bottom.Suggested Solution: Sort the select field in descending order in the view.  That puts blanks at bottom.  However, then your select values are in reverse ...
Entering and editing data in one logical form that is stored in multiple joined tables seems like such a common use case (e.g., contacts with addresses and phone numbers; invoices with company and line items; etc.).  Yet, this seems difficult (imprac...