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Hi. I'm not sure if this it the right place to ask. At the moment, I handle all the Airtable development, base design, formulas, etc.I would like to start looking into delegating this to a third-party, in order to be able to focus on other aspects of...
All of a sudden, Airtable is freezing and only loading a small subset of the web interface.] I've tried clearing all browsing history in Chrome, and still same issue. I also tried with Edge, same issue. Anyone experienced the same issue? I'm complete...
I just realised this simple formula, on most fields does not work . Test was done on a Single-Line field. IF(test1 != BLANK(), "Not Blank", "Blank") This will always return "Not Blank".  A workaround seems to be to do the below: IF(Not(test1 = BLANK(...
Hi. This seems like something trivial, but I can't seem to find any way to do this. I had synced two tables from a base to another.  During that time, various fields were renamed in Base A (the source table).  I noticed that the fields in Base B do n...
I have a table of Properties, and a table of Transactions. I would like to do an interface, whereby one can first select the property, and then enter the date range.Based on that, i wanted to show the Transactions which match the PropertyId, and are ...