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Good day all.  I have some records where an attendee fills out a form and selects multiple events.  This form populates several things:Calendar Table(which also generates GCal events)Junction TableAttendee's table with all the courses(Array)I want to...
Good day all.I have a formula that currently works:IF({Course Status}='Retired',"RET-"&CONCATENATE(LEFT({Course Level},1),{Course Type Coding (from Course Type)},".",{Sequence Number})&"-"&{Course Name},CONCATENATE(LEFT({Course Level},1),{Course Type...
Hey all!I've got a long formula, that currently has just one IF statement, however, I need to update to add another alternate IF.Here is the existing formula, that works:IF({Course Status}='Retired',"RET-"&CONCATENATE(LEFT({Course Level},1),{Course T...
Hey All!I'm sure I'm overlooking a tiny detail, but here goes.My existing formula is:DATETIME_FORMAT({Date and Time},'MM-DD-YY h:mm a')&" GMT"&" - "&{Course Name}The documentation shows to add a timezone, to do this:DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE("07/1...
Good day all!Currently we schedule training that has been nicely integrated with GCal.  Recently, we decided to track rescheduled training for better communication and reporting.  I've added a "RESCHEDULED" check box to be marked when a training has ...