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Hello,I'm trying to:Insert a variable to a script; | CompleteFilter a view by this variable compared to a field (fldL0YbZsYuNJJwTP);  | Partially IncompleteReturn a running total from that subset of a view; | Partially completeRight now I'm getting 0...
Hello Friends, I’m basically trying to make this Find and Replace script run in the automations feature, except instead of manually typing the inputs, just using the input variables entered into the block. I’m only python literate and thus far have o...
Hello, Is there a way to query the API for recently updated records? Trying to understand the best way to scan for records that need to be updated in a separate database. Thanks!
Hey Guys, Know of any resources on how to establish and maintain this sync? Can via code in python or a 3rd party solution. Preferably w/ MySQL. Thank you and cheers!
Hey Guys, How can I access Airtable’s pagination by including a given offset in either the url or query? My attempt below at including in the url has failed with the error “KeyError: ‘offset’”. I’ve been able to access the 1st offset per the function...