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Hi everybodyHow could I solve my problem, which is not so complicated, but I am running circles and can not find a solution... I would like to manage installment payment for some of my bills, with fields like Bill, Payment_rate, Rest_of_the_Bill,  Th...
Hi! I would like to make a copy of my Database, automatically, daily. Can not find the solution with automations. Thannks 
Hi to all! I am having a problem using Automatization for updating numbers in one table, when some conditions are matching in the other one.In table Bills I need to have an updated (lesser) amount of each bill, when in the table RatenPayment a part o...
Hi everybody! Is there a possibility to somehow combine two Multiple Selection fields through an Option?In one Multiple Selection field I have Companies (A,B,C,..). In the other one,I would like to chose ONLY from the matching Bank Account for them (...