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Any Idea why the scripting block would give me this error?  I've seen let query = await table.selectRecordsAsync();used in other scripts.
Hi there!I've created and automation that does the following when a record getting updated...Watches FIELD A for update (which I do a copy/delete/paste of 50 records to trigger)Finds all records where FIELD A contains FIELD A (identical names)Updates...
I have this formula as 1 of 3 parts that's extracting certain bits of data from a reference cell into 3 adjacent cells. What I'm wondering is if I can add something to get a specific character insert BEFORE the info...Examplereference cell contains :...
Is it possible to limit the number of records syncing from one table to another?For example "Table A" has 15000 records and I want records 1-100 to populate "Table B", 100-200 in "Table C" etc.
I need some help trying to write a conditional formula...The idea is IF any cell in column 1 is duplicative/match entry, then look at corresponding column 2 cells and merge merge into corresponding column 3.Is if A2 and A45 match look at/merge B2 and...
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