Use Wordpress? Love Airtable? You need Airpress!

I create Brand Messaging and API Integrations.

Ten years ago I developed the opinion that "Content Management" != "Data Management" and began my search for a better way to manage data than most CMSs allow.

My first stop was Google Sheets and the corresponding API. It worked well but was ultimately quite lacking because of how flexible Google Sheets was/is. Any user could modify just about anything and it was too easy to destroy complex formulas that linked sheets and formatted data.

My next stop was researching JSON storage services that essentially had no interface yet would allow me to flexibly store "typed" data. This didn't go very far because of how much development would have been required to create a usable interface for clients to manage that data.

When I found Airtable I kinda felt like somebody created it just for me. It did more than I hoped it would and it nailed the API right out of the gate.