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Extensibility - allow users to build new features

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi folks,

The product is fantastic from a UI perspective. The ability to enter and manipulate data is top-notch. Even the filtering, grouping, and other sorting mechanisms are great… but they have limitations.

My issue is that as I’m trying to build out my “product” I’m continually running into walls on either how the outputs are visualized, or how the data can be organized and output. Simple things like the ability to get a unique list out of a linked column to more complex things like being able to do more with a grid.

Because all of our needs are unique, and one company or product can’t possibly solve them all, I’d love to see the ability for users to expand the built-in capabilities. Maybe you allow someone to create a new field type (based on a SQL-like query), or maybe you give folks the ability to design new blocks (so I can extend how the grid block works).

Either way, it feels like the next way for Airtable to grow is to allow the user base to build (and share) what it needs. As it stands, I’m out looking at other products right now. So close!