Scripting App - Free until 21 September 2021

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

New to Airtable so just finding my way around. I noticed when I installed the Scripting App it says the Scripting App is free until September 2021. What happens after that? I can’t find any further information. Will it still be available and at what cost? Will everything I create with the scripting app now still be available after that?

Thank you

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No one knows. The deadline for when Scripting App stops being free has been extended twice before, the last deadline was End of March before it was extended to the current deadline of September.

A few of us have a friendly wager over what happens in September regarding Scripting App’s ultimate fate:

If they don’t make the app free for everyone forever, it will most likely be treated like every other app: requiring a Pro-level workspace to use it. When bases that have any other apps are moved from Pro spaces to Free spaces, all the app data remains you just can’t use it. It is likely the same will be the case with Scripting.