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Restringir fecha before today

Hi, I am doing a form for a remiders request, and I need that the filed "fecha de envio" the person is requesting the reminder have not the option to select a day before Today (current day).

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Typeform to Zapier to Airtable - Multi Select Issues

I have a Typeform question with multi select options. Right now, when the Typeform is filled out, the answers are sent through Zapier and then through to Airtable. Airtable will group the multi select answers into one field. For example for "do you i...

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Viewing financials over time

Hi,I'm using AirTable to track potential sales opportunities and would like to visualise on a chart the revenue per month.  This is similar to the Gantt chart view but instead would show the size of revenue rather than simply a project.For example, i...

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Air table & Wordpress integration for dynamic URL

hello guysI  have outdoor laser tag business , I’m running airtable about 5 months after every client booking birthday . I need login to other service enter the details: name kids , ages , address , city , and created birthday invitation. it’s looks ...

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Field contents into Google doc without field name

I've currently got an automation set to pull text fields from multiple records as a list into a Google doc. However, I'd like for the field names to not generate in the Google doc, just the content of the field. The hope is to compile text with less ...

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Medium Size Law Firm - Looking For Talent

Hello everyone,I'm Erik Compton, a practicing lawyer in surface rights and expropriation based in Edmonton, Alberta. I'm reaching out to this community to find skilled developers familiar with Airtable and Microsoft 365 integration for a project aime...

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Updating information about employee attendance in another table

Hi everyone! I'm trying to build monthly employee attendance with NFC tag. Basically when you "scan" nfc tag with your phone, it open up AT Form for submitting your entry or leave (start in the morning, start of the break, end of the break and end of...

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Airtable is now HIPAA compliant

喙 Exciting news for healthcare providers and organizations! Airtable is now HIPAA compliant and ready to support your critical work.  We understand the importance of protecting sensitive patient dat...


Introducing Airtable AI

We're thrilled to announce the release of Airtable AI, a set of features with the potential to transform your workflows! These features allow you to embed generative AI capabilities directly within yo...


Airtable Top Contributors | January & February 2024

Hello, hello! Welcome to this special edition of our Top Contributors post, covering both January and February! Okay I admit it, I got a tad behind on these posts, but that just means double the fun a...


Introducing Dynamic Filtering of Linked Records

Hi everyone, I’m Carla – a software engineer at Airtable and I am really happy to share that we’ve added the ability to dynamically filter results in linked record pickers! You can now limit the recor...