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Pill shapes and shading

Hi,Not sure if my previous post worked, but one of the comments from the team at work is that the grid views are messy when it's a whole page of 'pill' shapes, particularly when they're all different widths (based on the text length of each option).I...

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Unlink records in Gallery View

What is the proposed idea/solution?When displaying a linked records field as a Gallery, it would be nice if you could right-click the records to unlink them. If 'Link / unlink records' is toggled on, this would make sense. How does is solve the user ...

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Automation: How to reset a Trigger field back to black field

Hi allI have created an automation so that when I Trigger 'Create Dispatch' button this will automate a dispatch quantity.I want to have this trigger reset back to being a blank field as below.  Below is the automation with error populated on the 'Up...

FPX_0-1721344379384.png FPX_1-1721344929684.png
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FPX by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Allow for Field Validation

Please allow for field validation (esp. numbers).  If not in the base, then at least in the interface.  For example, we may wish to limit numbers in a field from 0 to 10.  

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Single select dropdown does not appear when I embed the view

Hi all, So I have created a base here (it is a gallery view) in the base works as it should. The single select dropdown works great, but in the embed view, the single select dropdown d...

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Pivot Table in Extensions - layout

Hi,My client has some rather long items (meeting objectives) they would like to show in a pivot table. Is there a away to extent the first column on the left to view all the text?  Thanks,Rachel

Screenshot 2024-07-18 at 1.29.09 PM.png
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Zapier + Airtable + Kajabi

Hi there! This may be more of a Zapier question but posting here anyways. I am wanting to add or find and update an existing field airtable when a purchase is made from kajabi. Having trouble figuring this out on Zapier:

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New: Share public interface pages publicly

Hello! I’m Ayesha, a Product Manager here at Airtable. We’re so excited to share an improvement to interfaces that will let you share some page types publicly in a read-only format. You can share a li...


Airtable Top Contributors | April & May 2024

Happy Thursday, Airtable Community!  Welcome back to our Top Contributors post, covering both April and May.  We are thrilled to celebrate our incredible Airtable Community members who have gone abo...


Introducing single-select output for formula fields

Hello, I’m Rosalind and I’m a Product Marketing Manager at Airtable. I’m excited to share a small but often-requested new feature with you today: the ability to output the result of formula fields as ...


Expanded Support for Dynamic Filters

Hi there! I’m Rosalind – a product marketing manager at Airtable focused on helping teams build powerful, custom applications that make work more efficient. Today I’m happy to share more details on th...