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Displaying last entered data from form

We have a form that we use to calculate current enrollment of a program, this number will change periodically.  We have an interface that shows a bunch of other data points as well.  How can I display the last entered data for currently enrolled?

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I don't understand why automation doesn't work

Real-time automation does not work. I select Trigger: When a record is created, there I select in which table the new row was created. Then I select Actions: Create record and indicate in which table to create a new row. In Fields I indicate in which...

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Filter values can not be changed on iPadOS 17 Update

Dear All,We have an digital product manufacturing line and we are using airtable to assign an order.Right now, they couldn't filter any data on airtable while it is opened on iPad. Before update it is working and they reach relavent data by using dat...

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Insert a space before a capital letter

Hi I have a file name / string of texte.g. 'ThisIsTheFileName'I would like to insert a space before each capital letter. Is there a formula to do this?Thanks 

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creating a view-only iPad drink menu

I am helping a friend's small restaurant create a drink menu that can be viewed from iPads in the restaurant.There are many types of beverages that are updated in the master Airtable.I just want a view-only way for customers to glance at that list on...

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Ken by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

query metabase

hey guys,I have a huge database of customers in metabase.comwhat i want to achieve is a script that will access metabase via api, query the bookings table and based on some criteria return value from field ID (booking id).

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Base Synchronization

Hello everyone. I have a question here and would like to get your answer to it. If we have many bases in one particular workspace, and some are synced bases and some are source bases, let's say A is a source base and B is a synced base whose data is ...

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Airtable is now HIPAA compliant

喙 Exciting news for healthcare providers and organizations! Airtable is now HIPAA compliant and ready to support your critical work.  We understand the importance of protecting sensitive patient dat...


Introducing Airtable AI

We're thrilled to announce the release of Airtable AI, a set of features with the potential to transform your workflows! These features allow you to embed generative AI capabilities directly within yo...


Airtable Top Contributors | January & February 2024

Hello, hello! Welcome to this special edition of our Top Contributors post, covering both January and February! Okay I admit it, I got a tad behind on these posts, but that just means double the fun a...


Introducing Dynamic Filtering of Linked Records

Hi everyone, I’m Carla – a software engineer at Airtable and I am really happy to share that we’ve added the ability to dynamically filter results in linked record pickers! You can now limit the recor...