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Resolved! Using a text field as Lookup

I think this is a fairly straightforward process, but I am unable to figure out how to do this. I have 2 excel sheets imported. One is Product Master List, one is Inbound Shipment. The Product Master List contains Code, Product Name, UOM, while Inbou...

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Syncing All Calendars Across Bases within a workspace

Hi there! So I have a few bases (Newsletter Tracker, Task Manager, Content Creation Schedule, Signings & Events) and each of them have due dates in them and their individual calendars. Is there a way to have a master calendar or to have all of the ca...

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UI for drafting a formula

Is there a UI to build a formula and get the resulting formula? The formula builder for creating views is useful, but I can't seem to find a way to get the formula out of it.Context: I'm trying to build a formula that filters records by 2 fields, an ...

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Lookup contact info from another table

Hi there - I keep getting hung up on lookups and links and it's driving me bananas so it's time to phone a friend! To generalize, I have a "Counterparty" table that lists all of the counterparties our organization has a contract with that includes th...

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Reordering Forms in the Form Section

Is there currently a way to change the order of forms in the "Form" section of an Airtable Base? Similar to how you can move and group views, automations, and interfaces in their respective sections. Currently it appears that forms are just listed in...

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Rollup fields - an array of multiple items, or just a string?

I'm creating a script to compare two rollup fields and add the values both share into a third column. The fields roll up linked record fields and return them as just the text in a comma-separated list. Airtable documentation says rollup fields are an...

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Account invoice remaining time and unused time

I'm a new owner to my company's workspace and I'm trying to understand the billing.We get charged annually in May for all the users, and then we get subsequent monthly invoices that say:Remaining time on 10 × Team Annual after 02 Jul 2024 (a positive...

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New: Share public interface pages publicly

Hello! I’m Ayesha, a Product Manager here at Airtable. We’re so excited to share an improvement to interfaces that will let you share some page types publicly in a read-only format. You can share a li...


Airtable Top Contributors | April & May 2024

Happy Thursday, Airtable Community!  Welcome back to our Top Contributors post, covering both April and May.  We are thrilled to celebrate our incredible Airtable Community members who have gone abo...


Introducing single-select output for formula fields

Hello, I’m Rosalind and I’m a Product Marketing Manager at Airtable. I’m excited to share a small but often-requested new feature with you today: the ability to output the result of formula fields as ...


Expanded Support for Dynamic Filters

Hi there! I’m Rosalind – a product marketing manager at Airtable focused on helping teams build powerful, custom applications that make work more efficient. Today I’m happy to share more details on th...