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same primary column - diffrent tables

I have table A and table B.When a record in table A is created, I have an automation that creates the same record in table B. However, the primary column in table B stays blank. How can I fill the primary column in table B with the primary column val...

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when record created create vlookup in other base

Hi,I want to create an automation that when I create record in table A it automatically will create the same record as vlookup in table if i update the record in table A it will reflect the record in table it possible to do?thanks

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Record Review layout convert new to legacy

I am so disappointed in the updated Record Review layout. My team was satisfied with the filtering and sorting available with the legacy element-based record review layout. I am trying to find a way to customize an efficient arrangement of fields, bu...

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"Copy the Cell URL" but make it accessible to public

I want to link specific words (like "Click here") in one of my tables to a cell in another table in the same database. "Copying the Cell URL" does work... for those who have an Airtable account. I need "the public" to be able to follow that link from...

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Setting up a Queuing System to an automation?

Hello, I am running into the problem where if two users trigger my automation at the same time or before the automation finishes then the second data point will not run/create a record. Is there a way to setup a queuing system where the second trigge...

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Looking To Hire an Airtable Developer

We are looking to hire an Airtable developer to help us create an internal tool/application (not sure what to call it) for our customer base . The tool will connect Wholesale Inventory specialist to Retail end users. I will get on a call with anyone ...

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New Project Management Features Added

Hi there! I’m Rosalind – a product marketing manager at Airtable focused on helping teams build powerful, custom applications that make work more efficient. Building on our project management-focused ...


Introducing Our AI Ambassadors User Group!

Hi Airtable Community,We're thrilled to introduce a new addition to our community: the AI Ambassadors User Group! This group is tailor-made for individuals who are passionate about Airtable AI and its...


Airtable Top Contributors | March 2024

Happy Spring, Airtable Community, and welcome to the March edition of our Top Contributors post!  Each month, we love to shout-out the incredible individuals in our community who go above and beyond ...