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Resolved! Lookup in Forms Based on Data other than Primary Field

Hello AirTable Community,Here's a fun one that I hope I can pick some brains on.  We have a Workday integration that creates an employee directory that feeds quite a few bases. With the Workday integration, we have to use a unique identifier - that b...

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Embed an Interface into Softr

I am using Airtable and Softr to create a webpage for my nonprofit. One feature that is essential for this app is for the users to be able to edit and view data that is grouped by a particular value (an article's name, in my case). I find it very fru...

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Field Summary - Sum of Averages?

Is there anyway to do a sum of averages within a selection using the number boxes?Bottom grey number on the left is what I'm trying to tweak.  Over the last 12 months, I've sold 663 units for a total of $4,107,840 (bottom two green #'s).  I need to s...

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Search Multiple Bases

API for searching in multiple basesHi community, My company developed an API to search multiple databases, we used Airtable for a talent pipeline for the company's recruiting team, and we found ourselves with the limit of 50,000 records (teams plan)....

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Getting refresh token

I am trying to connect with other application that asks me for my client_id, client_secret, api_token, and refresh_token.So far I have set my api_token,  client_id and client_secret, but still struggling with creating the refresh_token. Where should ...

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This is how you can add Profile Photos to Your Airtable Records

 In this guide, we'll show you how to automatically add profile pictures to your Airtable records based on phone numbers. This method leverages a simple yet effective integration.For a step-by-step walkthrough, check out this video on youtube. 

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Airtable is very slow to load

I am writing in from Singapore and over the weekend I am experiencing very slow and laggy performance on AirTable. I have 9 tables in my base, with less than 10 rows in each table. How could I speed up the performance? This is the message I get.  

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Airtable Top Contributors | April & May 2024

Happy Thursday, Airtable Community!  Welcome back to our Top Contributors post, covering both April and May.  We are thrilled to celebrate our incredible Airtable Community members who have gone abo...


Introducing single-select output for formula fields

Hello, I’m Rosalind and I’m a Product Marketing Manager at Airtable. I’m excited to share a small but often-requested new feature with you today: the ability to output the result of formula fields as ...


Expanded Support for Dynamic Filters

Hi there! I’m Rosalind – a product marketing manager at Airtable focused on helping teams build powerful, custom applications that make work more efficient. Today I’m happy to share more details on th...


New Project Management Features Added

Hi there! I’m Rosalind – a product marketing manager at Airtable focused on helping teams build powerful, custom applications that make work more efficient. Building on our project management-focused ...