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Update Annual payment for each month base on conditions

I have Budget table which has cost field, variable cost, and month field (Jan to Dec). Cost field has some default amount. Variable cost field is editable which user should give some value(amount).Case 1:Cost | Variable | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | .......

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API Calls failing with 502 Error Intermittently

We see that from last three days we are frequently getting 502 Error in spite of no changes on the URL and how we retrieve the data from airtable.It's even seen that Api calls are working for some time of the day and failing for some cases.We would l...

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Grouping by date performed on first digits instead of as dates

Hi,Somehow Airtable doesn't understand my dates as dates so grouping goes wrong. In an interface I have a list of booked events that I want to be grouped by their date. That way, I can easily see day by day how many events are booked. The grouping co...

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Hi - I use this formula to figure out when to follow up with applicants: DATEADD({Initial Email Sent}, 2, 'week') But I'd like to have it return a different result (1 week vs 2) when my applicants are getting fast-tracked. I tried this: DATEADD(  IF(...

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Making Airtable up to date from JIRA.

I have two tables in airtable from the same project in JIRA.1 - Named: "Aurora EPICS [NL]".I made an export (.CSV) from JIRA and uploaded it in Airtable.All registers (139) and its columns (288) was uploaded: I want to update these registers from now...

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System down?!?!

Hi I cant get Airtable to load today. I cant get to my boards or even onto The page is just white!!! HELP!

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Airtable + N8N + AI integration = Blog Generating APP

Recently I tried out a few experiments using AI to do SEO analysis on competitor websites and formulate a strategy that can be used to beat them. This performed really well for most internal SEO teams as they got new and insightful strategies based o...

all blogs.PNG Automating keywords with AI and n8n.PNG blogs.PNG seo strategy.PNG
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Syntax error

I have a JSON array in a field called 'Output' in a table called 'Assessmnt converter'. I am trying to create new records into a table called 'Submissions test' and populate the data into four respective fields; Question number raw, Question raw, Num...

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Expanded Support for Dynamic Filters

Hi there! I’m Rosalind – a product marketing manager at Airtable focused on helping teams build powerful, custom applications that make work more efficient. Today I’m happy to share more details on th...


New Project Management Features Added

Hi there! I’m Rosalind – a product marketing manager at Airtable focused on helping teams build powerful, custom applications that make work more efficient. Building on our project management-focused ...


Introducing Our AI Ambassadors User Group!

Hi Airtable Community,We're thrilled to introduce a new addition to our community: the AI Ambassadors User Group! This group is tailor-made for individuals who are passionate about Airtable AI and its...