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Formula to show min date in DD/MM/YYYY format

Hi There,Seeking some help writing a formula to show the minimum of two date fields in a specified format. I have it working but showing without a forward slash.Formula used so far is =MIN(VALUE(DATETIME_FORMAT({6QIssuedDate},"DD/MM/YYYY")),VALUE(DAT...

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Activate options not working

When I click 'activate options' no options are showing. I've double checked that activate options isn't already ticked on any other orders. It's been working fine, so not sure why it is suddenly not working. It's not working on multiple devices, and ...

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Stock updating

Hi again,I'm facing an issue in base designing and I can't find the answer myself or in this forum, so I'm trying here,I have this field in the table named "Actions", linked to another table named "Inventory", every time I add an action, I can choose...

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Resolved! Form don't show entries details from a linked source

Hi everyone,In an interface form, I have this field that is linked to another source.When clinking the "+ Add record", my end user will have the possibility to link a record from another table.Unfortunately, when I click on the "+ Add record" button,...

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elie by 4 - Data Explorer

Why won't this script work when triggered by a button?

I want to send a webhook when a button is pressed on a record :// Use recordAsync to get the record associated with the buttonlet record = await input.recordAsync();// Check if the record existsif (record) {// Construct the URL based on the fetched r...

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Alix by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Combining two fields with comma when either might be blank

Trying to get 'Full Name', 'Organization' in my primary field. My problem is that sometimes both 'Full Name' and 'Organization' are filled in, and sometimes it's only one or the other. I tried using the following formula, and it worked when one or th...

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Training database concept how to relate records

Hi all,I want to build a base for tracking the onboarding and ongoing training of employees at our company. We have a list of “SOPs” standards and guides. I’ll just call them SOPs here. There are actually several lists (one for engineering, one for a...

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Filter Synced Views

In the View pane, the little gear in the search bar (above) grants the option of filtering out everyone's personal views—is there a way an option can be added to show only views that are being synced and/or shared? And maybe even something that gives...

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Add "Apply Template" to options in expanded records

Added this as a comment to the Record Templates announcement but also wanted to add a new thread.I'm trying to build out a new workflow where team members can create new records in one table via a Linked Record field in a different table. When you cl...

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Replacing underscores in automation emails

Emails sent via automations replace underscores with nothing, thereby corrupting the URLs, and other values, that contain underscores. I've read the many posts about this and still can't figure out the syntax to use to make this happen.Here's an exam...

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Resolved! Mapping fields syntax in a script

Hello,I'm working on an automation that, when triggered by a new record being created, runs a script. The script should take that record, parse a comma-delimited list, then create new records in a separate table. The new records are include the uniqu...

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Printer is jamming every time from Page Designer Extension

Hey All, I built an Airtable base for a consulting client and their flow relies heavily on being able to print information from Airtable. I set them up with 6 separate Page Designer extensions for them to do so. They're having a consistent problem wh...

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Introducing AI in Automations

Hi all! I’m Thomas, an engineer working on Airtable AI. We are excited to share that AI in Automations is available for everyone participating in the AI beta, along with the ability to generate automa...


Airtable Top Contributors | October 2023

Hey there, Airtable Community! Get ready to celebrate because it's time for the October edition of our Top Contributors post!  These incredible individuals have truly rocked the Airtable Community an...


An Improved App Building Experience

Hi all! I’m Kelly - a product lead at Airtable focused on helping users create and drive adoption of powerful and easy to use apps. I’m excited to introduce a bundle of new Interface features that mak...


Calling All Airtable Enthusiasts: We want your feedback!

Hey Airtable Community! I’ve been your Community Manager for a couple of months now and I’ve loved getting familiar with the space, and seeing what gets you excited about Airtable. As we continue to s...