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Custom color for interface design

I want to add custom color to my base. But I can see the 30 colors for my plan. Is that possible to add custom colors?And one more thing is I'm unable to apply colors to the button for the interface workflow template. Is it possible to add colors to ...

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Programmatically releasing extension to multiple remotes

I have developed an extension with specific business logic that I would like to release to multiple bases at once. I do not want to publish this extension to the marketplace as it would not be relevant to those not working at my company. Has anyone f...

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Create a Quarterly Table from several monthly tables

Hello,I have a base where I keep track of projects and their status (in production, review, completed) organized in months. So, my tables look like: Jan 2024, Feb 2024, and so on.For monthly reports, I just grab information from a table (ex, Jan 2024...

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See if similar/identical record exists in another table

As ever, something that I think should he simple is proving anything but.I have a table with 4 simple fields:MakeModelLineExists ?DellLatitude2243 HPProbookM123 DellOptiplexC132 I have another table with similar Make, Model, Line fieldsI would like t...

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Resolved! IF AND Formula Help!

Hello!I have two fields that I want to meet certain criteria to return a value in another field.Return Value "Late" if field 1: Advanced Record contains "ADVANCED" and Field 2: If Date/Timestamp is after 10p EST otherwise return "On Time" if Date fie...

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KGB by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Work days for Sunday-Thursday

I need to calculate the number of days a ticket was open, but excluding weekends.However, Airtable wont let me change my work days to be Sunday-Thursday.What formula can I use as a workaround, to count all days of the week minus every Friday and Satu...

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Two data series in a line chart

Hi!I'm trying to display two lines (series of values) in one line chart.Data goes like:Date / Value 1 / Value 21-1-2024 / 24 / 201-1-2024 / 34 / 201-2-2024 / 40 / 211-3-2024 / 52 / 21 So one line displaying 24,34,40 and 52 and another line in the sam...

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Airtable Top Contributors | April & May 2024

Happy Thursday, Airtable Community!  Welcome back to our Top Contributors post, covering both April and May.  We are thrilled to celebrate our incredible Airtable Community members who have gone abo...


Introducing single-select output for formula fields

Hello, I’m Rosalind and I’m a Product Marketing Manager at Airtable. I’m excited to share a small but often-requested new feature with you today: the ability to output the result of formula fields as ...


Expanded Support for Dynamic Filters

Hi there! I’m Rosalind – a product marketing manager at Airtable focused on helping teams build powerful, custom applications that make work more efficient. Today I’m happy to share more details on th...


New Project Management Features Added

Hi there! I’m Rosalind – a product marketing manager at Airtable focused on helping teams build powerful, custom applications that make work more efficient. Building on our project management-focused ...