Ability to measure when someone clicks on a URL in a cell?


Has anyone found a method for measuring when someone clicks on a URL in a cell?

We are using Airtable to link to helpful resources (ie, articles, online courses, books, etc.) and want to measure which resources people navigate to.

We are essentially trying to measure engagement with an Airtable base. I’m sure Airtable has the ability to measure this using whatever usage analytics tools they are using (google analytics, mixpanel, amplitude), but would like to have lightweight usage analytics for our own bases.



Hi @Anthony_Pelosi - I don’t think you can track clicks in Airtable directly, but two possible options for you:

  1. If all the links are from your own website, then you could simply add a URL parameter to the end of the URL and track it in your own analytics, e.g.


  1. If the links are from sites you don’t own (and don’t have access to the analytics) then use a 3rd party tool like bit.ly to generate links and then track clicks in the 3rd party tool.



Hi JB,

Sites we don’t own. Looks like we’ll be creating thousands of bit.ly links!