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Airtable - Amazon S3 Bucket Integration

Is there any option available to integrate Airtable and Amazon S3 Bucket for transferring data to and fro? If yes. please guide me with third party tools as well as how can I create by myself.

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Linking multiple Airtable tables to PowerBI

Hi, following these instructions Sending Airtable Data to Microsoft Power BI & Power Query | Airtable Support I was able to link a single Airtable table to PowerBI and this works very well. However, I would like to link multiple tables from the same ...

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Dissapearing images after writing to attachment field

Writing valid .jpg URLs to an attachment field - one of them is saved as normal, one of them fails to show a preview whilst loading, then gets cleared completely. I saw it 1st in Data Fetcher and then wrote a script to reproduce it: // This URL is f...

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Resolved! Getting the component name

Hi, I’m trying to get a component’s name and insert it as a class name. A google search tells me I should use, but that doesn’t seem to work here. Eg: function OrderLineItems(props) { return ( <section className={thi...

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Button Automation User Input

Hi first time scripting in Airtable and its a bit difficult so any help would be appreciated. I am using a button to run an automation to create a new record in a table. I then want to set a value in this new record to a USER INPUT value. This USER I...

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