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A group for passionate marketers who are using Airtable to drive impact and innovation

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Product Operations

A group for product-obsessed individuals who are using Airtable to manage product development, user ...

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Error Message

I currently have an inventory base (A) that I synced to another base (B) in the same workspace. When I tried to sync the same base (A) to another base (C), I get this error message: Non-200 Response Received: 413 error. I am not sure why I am getting...

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Freezing Header Rows in Embedded Code?

Hi all,My question is about embedding base code into a website.   Is it possible to freeze the base's headers (i.e. the field names + the row containing 'Hide', 'Filter', 'Group', 'Sort' etc) so that they don't disappear when vertically scrolling?Ple...

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Use for airtable (forms, tables) at no extra charge

Hello, I have a question regarding the use of tables in Airtable and the fees involved. I've noticed that additional people who use the tables I've created incur additional charges. One of these people is using the tables thanks to shared links. How ...

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Direct Messaging for Sharing Inventory on User Bases

My company is trying to get our various departments to keep track of inventory via airtable. This is not inventory to be sold, but more things like office supplies, furniture, etc. that is stored and used within each department and can also be transf...

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ls17 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Welcome to the Airtable for marketing group!

We're so happy you're here! This group is for passionate marketers who are using Airtable to drive marketing impact and innovation. Please use this space to share ideas, best practices, and examples of interesting bases you’ve created and ask questio...

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