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A group for passionate marketers who are using Airtable to drive impact and innovation

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Product Operations

A group for product-obsessed individuals who are using Airtable to manage product development, user ...

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The moral and financial implications of subscription tiers?

I am the owner of a small business with four, sometimes five, employees. I would very much like to upgrade my account to Enterprise as there are several features I would like access to, notably granular security, but also others like two way sync tha...

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List View in App

Hello, Wondering when the “List” view will be available in the app? It would work really well for my team but we all use iPads and Apple software. 

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All Data is Missing

I logged in on Monday (6/5) and all of our business's data and workspaces that were housed in AirTable are gone. I have not received a response back after submitting a message (ref#00569708) - the main admin operations are at a halt as the only thing...

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Resolved! Parent date to another start date

I have a very simple example.Is there a way to make it so if I move A's start date, B will also follow along?B cannot be a formula, because I want the user to still be able to move it independently. Is there a native way to do this without automation...

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jlabbe by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Use lookup field as a number

I have venue table, with venues and associated travel times (in Number format). Another table has programs, with start date/time (in Date format). The program table links to the venue table, and there is a Lookup field with travel times. I would like...

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Automating Social Media Posting Schedule

I’m trying to automate social media post scheduling. To be clear, I'm not wanting something to post automatically on a date/time I set, I'm looking for automation to set that schedule.  I'm wanting to drop 10 image files at once into my automation pr...

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Are Instagram ads good for dropshipping?

Instagram ads can be a great tool for dropshipping businesses. They offer a wide range of targeting options, allowing you to reach the right audience with the right message. Additionally, you can use Instagram's visual platform to create attractive a...

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Resolved! Preparing for Opposition

What types of pushback did you experience/aware of when Airtable was first rolled out. I am ready for AT vs. Excel and "why now, if what we are doing works" any other hints and tips?

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Resolved! Airtable Adding New Lines when Pasting Content

This is a relatively new issue - when I copy and paste from anywhere into Airtable lately, it automatically adds two new lines before pasting my text and another line after. Can you please look into this? It's frustrating to have to go back and delet...

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I need a way to integrate Facebook Ads + Airtable + pabbly .to get the image hash.for you to understand, every ad has an image, and this image has a hash code image, which is unique to it.. and it is a record of facebook itself. I need this to be abl...

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Resolved! Creating multiple linked records based on a formula

Hi! I am working with a nonprofit to get their workspace set up. Make sure you're seated for this one! The nonprofit wants to see grant funds contributing to individual budget line items broken down by month.Say they have a grant from the Gates Found...

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Consolidating donation and volunteer info for a nonprofit

Hello! I am working on a database for a nonprofit organization that includes a donor CRM and program data with volunteers, events, and more.See my attached Miro board for the proposed workspace structure with syncs. I'm looking specifically at the re...

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Resolved! Need a refund

Hey guys, I have multiple users who work for me on the free version of Airtable and one of them signed up for the free trial.On March 11th at the end of the 12 days him and all collaborators (as he set up the base) incurred a charge of £1200 for the ...

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Resolved! refund

hello, i just took a monthly subscription on airtable,I noticed that my account was switched to a yearly subscription without my knowledge or consent. I did not intend for this to happen and I would like to request a refund as soon as possible.I'm ve...

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