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Looking for AirTable consultant

I am looking to hire an Airtable expert to build a custom base for tracking and managing a suite of community engagement projects and programs for Colorado State University. We have a clear idea of the functions, capabilities, and integrations we are...

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Opportunity's knocking!

Airtable Devs wanted!Looking for a freelance Developer to create custom dashboards and roadmaps on Airtable.Dm for more info

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Filter records based on Array values

Hello, is it possible to filter records based on info I have in an array (a series of 5digits codes, comma separated)  to show only records having a matching 5digits code (Single Select within a specific column)?

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Looking for an airtable savvy GM

I'm Looking to hire a business manager in NYC and would like them to be able to improve upon the Airtable systems I've built out, and investigate when things go wrong. Any suggestions about where to post beyond Indeed/Craigslist? Thanks!

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How do I password protect a shared database that is being copied?

Hi, I created a database and I want to share it. I create a link where the database is duplicated via " copy database" Is it possible to set a password before sharing to prevent changing fields and other duplication or sharing options? I mean so I ca...

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Looking for an Airtable expert to support our team

Hi guys,We are a small content agency looking for an Airtable expert to support our team. We are a growing company and therefore need help to get organized with all our data. We are looking for a freelancer who helps us with Airtable on a monthly bas...

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Optimizing Existing Base due to Record Limit

Hello,My team uses a very well established and highly functional base as a Project Management and/or CRM tool. This base allows us to manage projects, client interactions, and project tasks. Unfortunately, we have hit the record, and we cannot determ...

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Resolved! Data fetcher with airtable

HelloI am quite new to airtable and data fetcher having as well no programming knowledge. Would need somebody helping me to set up API links in data fetcher.You can message me on e-mail: myactivities@bluewin.chBest regardsklemensl

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Accepted Solutions & Kudos

The Airtable Community is founded on collaboration and a shared love of the Airtable platform. By marking posts that have helped you solve a problem as an accepted solution or providing a kudos to another member's post are ways to: Improve the searc...

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Get our creative team base to 2.0 — including interfaces

Hello! I created a robust base for our creative team and am looking for some help to take it to the next level. Our team is part of a hospitality org that oversees five different properties and their restaurants and bars, and we do A LOT, both physic...

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Private Messenger

To use the Private Messenger, you must be a registered member and signed in. You can find your Private Message icon at the top right of the header.  Private Messages enables you to send private communications to other community members. There are a ...

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 9.51.56 AM.png Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 9.52.36 AM.png Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 9.53.51 AM.png Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 9.54.59 AM.png
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Resolved! Setup Airtable

We are looking for someone who can convert our excel sheets into airtable. We have it all mapped out and know the flow and how we want things displayed but do not have the experience to set up the automations etc on air table. We have 100s of clients...

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Dell by 4 - Data Explorer

Looking for AirTable support

We are looking for someone to help us with some AirTable programing that will involve some simple computational work and formatting the output from the database in organizational and flowchart views.  

  • 4 replies
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TikTok Automation

I have 50-100 TikTok Accounts that I want to track the daily data for once per day:Amount of followersAmount of videos posted

  • 8 replies
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Assistance with creating data tracking and reporting base

I'm seeking assistance importing and integrating into AirTable a data tracking project currently being housed in Excel, to be completed ASAP. This forms the basis of the Local Reproductive Freedom Index. Consultant must be comfortable with the subjec...

  • 2 replies
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Navigate My Profile Page

Your public community profile is where Airtable community members can see the information that you have chosen to share, your community rank & stats, as well as your posts & replies. Keep your profile up to date so members of the community can get t...

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Looking to Hire Airtable Support

Looking for help from an airtable professional. Need assistance with Zapier as well for our system - CLIO. Currently use but I know we can max out. Please email me at

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