Airtable Consultant for Freight Forwarding/Logistics Business

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi All, 

I am looking to introduce Airtable to my Freight Forwarding company, in order to streamline a few processes. 
Currently there is a communication gap within some team members of my company and I believe that Airtable can fix this, however, I do need help setting it up and some advice. 


Please reach out to me believe you have the expertise to help, preferred if you have some freight forwarding/logistics background to set it up. 


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Hi @yogbhambhani, I'd be happy to help with this!  We'd take a look at this together and talk about the communication gap you're worried about, and maybe figure out how to address it with email/texting or whatever else you have in mind

I'm pretty active on the forums so you can get a grasp of how I work from my activity here as well as some reviews, and I've got a bunch of example projects that you can find here!

If you think I could help, here's a link to schedule a free half hour call to see whether we'd be a good fit

Best of luck either way!
6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator


we are a freight forwarding company, and i introduced Airtable 2016. today, we cannot manage our logistics without Airtable anymore. We do inventory and warehouse management, shipments, tracking and tracing. A lot where traditional TMS has its limitations. 

I am pretty sure that what we do with Airtable could be interesting for you. I am excited to learn about your requirements, and maybe start building something with you. 

best regards,


Hi Kai!

Nick from Makeitfuture here, a 26-person no-code company specialized in process automation and integrations (Make, Zapier, n8n, Power Automate), Airtable, CRMs (HubSpot and others) and some web development.

I looked at your linkedin profile and your company looks like it relies heavily on operations. If you aren't doing it already, have you considered streamlining the flows and logistics? 

If there's interest on your side, I'd be more than happy to jump in a call and discuss more.


Thank you Adam. I have a booked a phone call with you for today.


Hi Kai, I messaged you privately, however, didn't hear back. Is there anyway I can schedule a call/zoom with you please?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi @yogbhambhani

I can definitely help you. I have streamlined processes for many different types of companies using integrations, automations, and interfaces.  Here is my Linked in profile:

Feel free to schedule a call with me at your convenience:

Jody Bruce

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator


Hope you are doing well! I'd love to work with you on this project. I am a former Airtable Implimentation Specialist with experience streamlining workflows for many different businesses. If you are still searching, I'd love to jump on call.


Khal Mughal