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17 - Neptune
17 - Neptune
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‎Jan 26, 2023

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A few days ago, I tried to help another Airtable enthusiast concerning a question about timelines. According to this community platform, I have written about  3250 posts since 2018, and despite my grandfatherly age, I recall one such post about Vega-...
This is a Tell; not a Show.Prompt engineering, also known as shaping prompts to get exactly what you want from GPT-3 and ChatGPT will eventually bite you.This post is here only so that I can say 6 months from now - I tried to warn you.The core model ...
The new Airtable community has many functional flaws, but this missive is about one that is purely a design choice that annoys me. Don't take it too seriously, but enjoy it and let me know your thoughts. Members are classified by planet names; Pluto ...
... it's because I'm walking away.I have honestly and with open-mindedness tried to use the new "community" in a productive and supportive manner, but it's just not working for me. There's something about this new Khoros platform that makes it diffic...
Continuing the discussion from No More Static URLs for Attachments?: No More Static URLs for Attachments? But I’ve now lost hope that this WON’T happen if we complain enough… I head back from the support team who said they would share my concern...