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Connect Airtable to any Database

Hey ATCF Community! If you want to securely connect your entire database / warehouse from Airtable, we built Bracket for exactly that (! With Bracket, any change in your backend data will be reflected in Airtable, and any ...

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Base schema for bases and workspaces

Hi, for a long time I thought about ‘what IF’ - display bases and workspaces as tables and fields displayed in base schema. I played a little with array transformations and did 2 model bases to use with base schema app. First, 2 levels up, Workspaces...

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Full Interfaces Calendar

I have been in need of a Calendar view that does not compress items that exceed the max number of viewable items in a single day. The interface views all days by Month. There is no limit to the number of items that can be displayed in a single day ce...

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