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How to automatize hierarchical or outline numbering

Hi!     In my project plan I need to use hierarchical (or outline) numbering such:1  ~ 1.1 ~ 1.2 ~ 1.2.1 ~ 1.3 ~ 1.4 ~ 1.4.1 ~ etc. (print 1)     I've be doing this manually, but it would be great to have it being created automatically.     I got the...

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Return only ids when calling List records

I am creating a mapping from record_ids to view name. IIRC there is no better way to to do this than list all records in each view and then create this mapping. To reduce the traffic, I would like to return no fields, when I am traversing each view. ...

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Randomize meetings

Hi everyone! I'm trying to tackle an issue that I'm not sure I can solve with Airtable, but hoping to alongside Zapier integrations. I want to randomize monthly meetings across our staff, volunteers, and board. Not everyone is willing to use Slack, w...

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Can't Pull Data from Base for Automated Email

Hello,I want to make an automation to send an email at a specific time. When I choose the trigger "at a scheduled time" and go to write the message of the email, I can write a message, but I cannot input any data from the base. When I click on the bl...

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Limitations with New Linked Record Picker

Today there was an update called Refreshed linked record picker in Interfaces which makes the record picker for linked fields more compact and consistent.  I like the idea, but it breaks some important things in our workflow.Namely, it does not show ...

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AirTable x Twilio

Hello, It is my company's first attempt at using Twilio. We already have our account and phone number. Was wondering how do I set it up so we can test if the message was successfully sent to this number.  Such as updating a Single Select field in Air...

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Unable to Choose Values from Webhook

Greetings. My automation receives a webhook from a form. In subsequent steps, I'm unable to reference the field values: it's gray, and hovering displays the error "Cannot assign list of collection of complex types to collection of complex types."How ...

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Getting "User Action" from Slack Actionable Messages

I am looking to get the user ID from the person who interacted with a Slack Actionable Message. From the Automation Run History, I see the User ID is saved, but for an audit trail I would like to automatically assign that user to the record they acte...

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Resolved! Updating a field by automation based on action by someone

I am building out an intake form for system issues. When a form comes in I want the ticket to be assigned based on who moves the ticket into in progress. I see that I can put conditions to assign to a certain person but not build it out based on how ...

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Resolved! Get an expiring url from an attachment cell value

Hello!Is there a way to get a public expiring url of an attacement through a script?I use this code to get the cell value: let aTable = base.getTable("Table Name");let queryResult = await aTable.selectRecordsAsync({fields: [aTable.getField("Attachmen...

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automation problem: incomplete value

I've set automation to create record which get value from a field when a value is entered to that field (use trigger type "when record matches condition"). But the automation is real-time triggered when the typing has not finished yet, so the getted ...

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Resolved! Complex Scheduling Task

Background:I work for a training provider, offering courses online and in-person. We work with ~50 (and counting...) independent instructors to deliver our live Zoom and field sessions.When scheduling our course deliveries, our Program Managers reach...

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Additional parameters not passed to redirect URL in OAuth

When initiating an OAuth authentication, it is possible to provide additional parameters, meant for custom use of the client application.These parameters are correctly passed to your page, as URL query paramet...

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IvanM by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Help creating a formula for Project Status

Hi there,We are using AT as a project management tool and I am trying to create a field that indicates Project Status. The field would live on the Projects board and default to "Submitted", when we receive a request. We have a separate board for Task...

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