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On Monday I’m launching an Airtable newsletter called Base Notes, where I’ll be sharing Airtable tips, news, and other info every week! Subscribe here if you’re interested: Airtable ✏️ Subscribe to Base Notes - Airtable Fi...
Early this year I wrote a script1 to help a user organize some sequential events, where one event would start when the previous event ended. Rather than continue to post updates to that original thread, I felt it would be best to start a new one. Th...
Every so often someone asks how to format numbers in a string the same way that they appear in a number or currency field. Various formulas have been created in the past (including some that I’ve posted in threads on this topic), but a recent thread ...
Is anyone experiencing odd problems with view controls (filters, sorting, etc.)? They’re suddenly not working correctly in my bases, and none of my records are appearing at all when any filter is applied. Only if a view is unfiltered can I see any re...
A question arose recently that’s come up a few times in the past: is it possible to give form users the ability to either pick an item from a predefined list or add their own “other” option, and have manually-added options actually appear in the list...
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