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I am trying to import about 1000 product photos into the “product” category. The problem here I cannot find the fastest method because the number of each product is not identical. Hope you all help me, I’m a novice user.

Hi @Vy_Nh_t, a little more detail about your problem will help the community help you better. Looks like you are concerned about the speed of uploading your product photos. Are you doing them manually and looking to automate that?

thank you!
Each image will follow a long code. How do I know which image will be uploaded with which code, will I have to put the image’s name same as the code? If so, it would take time. i have 1000 photos :frowning:

If you are looking to bulk upload your photos the this might work:

The name of your photo will go in the primary field and the photo will go in the first attachment field. This is only for creating new records. If you are updating existing records this might not work.

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So when I upload a batch of images it will automatically output a field with the image name? But only in “Gallary” mode? thank you very much.


The Gallery is just a view, the record will be saved in the backing table as well.

Don’t be afraid to try with a few images, that’s the best way to learn :slightly_smiling_face:

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