Adding Hyperlinks to a Form?

Is there a way to add a hyperlink in a Form? I’m creating a form to give donors multiple options to donate online. I’d like them to be able to select an option in the form (not the message page after the form is submitted) that links to a specific PayPal donation page based on their selection. Is there a way to do this?


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Hey Dave!

Airtable does have “Conditional form fields”, but after quite a bit of research, it doesn’t appear that they will work for your use-case (without being extremely hacky and ugly) as “Computed field types cannot be used in Airtable Forms”.

Therefore, I’d recommend adding Typeform to the mix - it’s dead simple to setup with Airtable. I’d be happy to help you get them setup for your needs - I’ve actually helped a non-profit setup Typeform for a similar use-case in the past! There’s also Jotform, which has a free tier for low-volume use if Typeform isn’t in the budget.

Thanks Prosammer. I’ll let you know if we need the help.

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