Adding new records makes a mess


I have created a database of movies, each with thumbnails, cast, some notes, etc. Now I want to add 50 more titles to the database. The new set is just a list of titles.

If I view the original database as a list, and paste the new titles in at the bottom, it seems to break all the existing records; ie the titles are no longer associated with the correct records.

I tried doing the ‘Merge databases’ approach: I cloned the existing database and deleted all the records, thus creating an empty database with fields that are identical to the original database. Then I imported my new titles into this empty database, figuring it would create new records for each title, with each new record containing appropriate fields ready to be filled in. But that doesn’t happen. Not sure what happened to the ‘template’ of fields from the original database, but it’s clear that my newly imported records (my list of movies) did not inherit the fields from the cloned database into which they were placed.

How should i approach this?



Hi Tom Sanders

I have a similar setup, just different data and fields, in one table.

Did you create a field for your titles? You would select the column header that you want the field created beside and just right click your mouse and select the option to add a field to the right or left side of the existing column. You should give the field a title and select Long Text. It should be placed in a position that is easily seen (perhaps the second column) from the left? The first column is usually for Auto # (counts the number of records in the base). The easiest way is to copy and paste the titles in the new field/column, matching the other data fields that you created i.e. title matching the cast member to that movie. Or you can paste the titles individually.

There is the import feature, (from a spreadsheet in a CSV format), but I don’t want to confuse you.

If you need screenshots let me know.

Hope this might point you in the right direction and is what you are looking for.

Mary Kay

P. S. I did a quick mock up with one movie record.



Turns out the functionality I needed was CSV Import (Pro version). So I upgraded for one month and got that done.

Will probably downgrade at end of the month.